Providing business services since May 2023

Replacements / refunds will only be given if we believe the issue is on our side.

If any tool / bot gets patched, stops working or gets leaked. We are NOT required to give you a refund, a replacement or an update.

If you kick any of the boosting accounts or your anti-raid bot kicks them I will NOT replace boosts.

Age tokens at your OWN risk.

Do NOT log in to the tokens manually as there is a high chance the token will get flagged or locked if logged in manually. Use good tools and good proxies. Do NOT use flagged tools.

If you had overpaid in Crypto/PayPal/Stripe or any other payment method, all the extra money is being accepted as a donation. No refunds/extra products are going to be given.

You will receive no support after leaving a bad feedback, unless or until you change it.